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Oferta inwestecyjna - Rzeszotary

Investment offer - Rzeszotary

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Investment Proposal of the commune of Milkowice

Area of Rzeszotary,
plots No.: 561, 562, 563, 564/1, 565/1, 566/1, 567/1, 568/1, 569, 570/1, 571, 572/1, 573, 574, 575/1, 576/1, 577/1, 578/1.


The area is situated in the heart of the Lower Silesia region, in the district of Legnica, in the area of the village of Rzeszotary in the commune of Milkowice. The northern part of the agglomeration of the city of Legnica is located in its vicinity.
One of its advantages of the area is its favourable location. The easiest way to reach the place is by car. The area is situated at the district road No. 2233, in the distance of only 650 m from its junction with the national road No. 3 (express road No. S-3, as planned), running from Swinoujscie in the north of Poland to the border crossing point at Jakuszyce in the south. Borders of the city of Legnica are not far away from here - about 1.2 km (5 km to its centre). When wishing to reach the A-4 motorway from here, one should cover the distance of 15.5 km if using the city western ring road. Choosing a shorter way through the city centre, the distance is shortened to 12.3 but we take a risk of being stopped in traffic jams in rush hours and encountering obstacles resulting from city driving.
Other means of transport may be made use of as well. The nearest Lubin - Legnica railway line is only 170 m in the straight line away from the described area but as far as 5 km from Legnica - the nearest railway station of over-regional significance. One should be prepared to cover up to 100 km by car to reach the nearest airport (Wroclaw Strachowice International Airport).

Area and ownership structure

The area in question lies on 18 plots and takes up an area of 38 hectares. Its majority (30 hectares) is the property of the commune of Milkowice. Only the remaining 3 plots belong to private persons. Apart from a small piece having the area of 0.32 hectares, which is classified as 3rd class, the remaining areas have soils of the 4th, 5th and 6th class. A slight surface is occupied by sections of forests (1.12 hectares). The ownership structure is presented in the following table:


The discussed area is included in the Local Plan of Territorial Development. In this plan almost the whole area (excluding plots No. 562 and 563) is marked with the R.P3 symbol as an industrial area and the following regulations are valid for it: - minimal area for newly assigned plots is 1500 m2,

  • basic purpose: location of production plants, store- and warehouses, as well as mobile telephony masts,
  • permissible purpose: location of public services, commercial services, including wholesale trade,
  • height of buildings: not more than 15 m, however realisation of buildings up to 18 m of height is permitted provided that the surface of the higher part of the building, calculated in the external outline, does not exceed 10% of the surface of the roof's horizontal projection in the outline of buildings lower than 15 m.

It is possible to extend economic activity carried out beyond the scope discussed. An area nearby of over 22 hectares, which is the property of the State Treasury, has an identical purpose (industrial area).
The area placed in plots No. 562 and 563 is marked in the local plan with the R.ZL 12 symbol - forests and reforestation. The following regulations are valid for it:

  • basic purpose: reforestation and forests as comprehended in separate provisions,
  • permissible purpose: according to separate provisions.


Medium voltage (20 kV) electric power lines run about 400 - 500 m away from the discussed area. In the close vicinity (about 300 m) there are also networks of a water pipeline and sanitary sewage. At present, design documentation for development of the water pipeline and sanitary sewage networks for plots located in the discussed area is being prepared.

Prepared by:
Agnieszka Tabiszewska
phone: 76 887-12-12
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